The Divergents ​

NFT art collection The Divergents Co-founder Concept, visual identity & website  TeamLukas Barton, Jana Kubatova, Matej Zimak ArtistMarek Ehrenberger About collectionA collection of 2022 unique NFTs hand-drawn by artist Marek Ehrenberger initiating a web3 philanthropic community.


NFTense VISUAL IDENTITY & The digital platform NFTense presents inspiring creators and their NFT art. Under curatorial supervision, we represent and guide visual artists on their journey to global NFT marketplaces. NFTs triggered a digital revolution and provide a vehicle for creating, sharing and collecting a whole range of digital assets from visual arts […]

Suchej únor – Dry February

Suchejúnor/DryFebruary The design of the Dry February book and visual identity of the campaign, WHOSE AIM IS TO CHALLENGE OUR RELATION WITH ALCOHOL.