HEREAFTER THE ART DVRG WEBSITE Website for digital art projects producers. „Through the fusion of technology and art, we develop in-house projects to make art accessible to a broad and diverse audience. We are committed to educating at the cutting edge of technology while integrating the arts.“

Gymnázium Sulice


Urban Structures by PosterLad

HEREAFTER THE ART Urban Structures by PosterLad WEBSITE 25 phygital artworks by PosterLad inspired by Czech architecture, pioneering the utilization of NFT to give away perpetual revenue from collection’s posters sale and exclusive artist-signed print.


HATA LOGO, ILLUSTRATION, WEBSITE & EXHIBITION Ask anyone what they think about art and the response will be for certain, unmistakably, guaranteed, a mix of perceptions based in the past. Some will counter that new technologies such as NFTs, VR, AI, and web3 decentralization answer the call for innovation but why stop there? Hereafter The Art […]

The Divergents ​

NFT artcollectionThe Divergents Co-founderConcept, visual identity &  TeamLukas Barton, Jana Kubatova, Matej Zimak ArtistMarek Ehrenberger About collectionA collection of 2022 unique NFTs hand-drawn by artist Marek Ehrenberger initiating a web3 philanthropic community.

New Delespine

HEREAFTER THE ART NewDelespine WEBSITE & Pan-European distributor of high-quality food and household products.

Národní linka odvykání

NLO ILLUSTRATION AND The National Quitline has been in operation since 2016 and is the only service in the Czech Republic that, together with a team of professionally trained psychologists and addiction specialists, helps people overcome addictions of all kinds. Behind 5 years of experience and cooperation with more than 6000 clients, the service […]


Meetina Meetina connects the world with therapy. „We offer space to therapists, we help clients to care for their souls. And we talk about therapy being normal.“